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Tanning Kit Includes Everything Needed

- 1x MT2 Vial

- 2x Injection Water Ampoule

- 2x Injection Needles

- Pre-Injection Swabs

Directions Of Use.

1. Taking the ampoule of Sterile Water. Hold the ampoule in your hand and with your thumb on the blue dot where the ampoule curves at the top, apply pressure breaking off the top.

2. Taking the vial of the powder, break off the sealed yellow cap.

3. Slowly draw out the sterline water from the ampoule.

4. Insert the needle into the rubber circle marked on the vial of the melanotan and inject the water into the vial.

5. Repeat this process with the second ampoule of sterline water.

6. The final mixed solution is now ready for use

7. Clean the injection site ( lower stomach) using the pre-injection sterilising swab.

Tanning Injection Kit

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