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- 20ml Bottle

- 30mg MT2

How to use:

Depending on your skin type (please see below chart) squirt the recommended amount up each nostril before being exposed to natural sun or UV light. After 2 weeks results start to be visible, this is called the loading stage as your body adapts to the melanotan. After the loading stage you can then chose to use your tanning spray whenever you like to keep a deeper darker tan maintained.

Which one you have will determine the size of the dose that you will require. On the chart, they are organized into six types.

•Type 1- These are people with very fair skin. Though they might get burnt by the sun, they don’t tan. (2-3 squirts recommended)

•Type 2- This type has fair skin. While they might occasionally tan, they mostly get burnt. (2-3 squirts recommended)

•Type 3- People of this type have a medium skin tone. While they might get burnt occasionally, they will always tan. (2-3 squirts recommended)

•Type 4- These people have olive skin. They will rarely burn in the sun, but they will always tan. (2 squirts recommended)

•Type 5- This type has brown skin. They won’t get burnt by the sun. (2 squirts recommended)

•Type 6- This type has the strongest natural skin pigmentation. They will never burn but they will always tan. (1-2 drops recommended)

How to store:

Nasal Tanners should be refrigerated and used within 3-4 weeks of purchase.

Standard 3-5 working day delivery🚚

Triple Strength Nasal Spray

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